Sunday, April 25, 2010

A&M Alumni Soccer Game

John & I took Garrett to College Station for the first time ever for my alumni game. We hadn't been back there in forever & it had changed alot. It was a blast....I just wish it would have lasted longer! It doesn't get much better than playing soccer, a surprise visit from KINNE all the way from Qatar, hanging out with my good buds that I don't get to see near enough, Double Dave's, Power Hour, a walk through campus on a pretty day. If I could only take one thing back it would be feeding G$ Coldstone Creamery. That throw-up was nasty to clean up! I haven't gotten to edit any pictures or anything, but I thought I'd put some up anyway...

Cheering for me?!

Put me in, Coach!
Garrett posed himself right in the middle of those balls & then smiled at the camera. He's used to the drill, huh?
There's a maniac on the loose!

Aunt Brooke is silly!

Posing in the giant ring. A giant ring, eh? Kinda weird when I really think about it...
Yeehaw Garrett!
My friends are so much fun!
Garrett walked around campus barefoot...he most definitely was rocking some Wal-Mart feet by the time we got back to the car.
John & Garrett fell asleep on campus. I have never been much of a napper, so I was painfully bored. I kept making loud noises to wake them up like fake sneezing & stuff...what am I 11? It didn't work, so I filled the time with taking numerous pointless napping they are!

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Jenni said...

wish i could have been there!! )c: