Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's Almost Mother's Day!

I am more excited about Mother's Day than ever before...because I get a day off of work! I get to relax & snuggle with my family. It's been so long since me & John have both gotten a day off on the same day & gotten quality time...so long I can't even remember that far back! This picture makes me smile because Garrett is smiling at me & giving me a flower...lately I haven't felt the love. He is going through quite a "phase" if you will...he is being a toot & acting like he doesn't me very much!
Today Garrett came home from daycare with a black eye & scratch. His sitter said all the kids always "hit each other" & "steal toys." Reason #1,345 why I WISH I could be a stay-at-home mom & have more of an impact on my kid's day, because that would not be happening on my clock! Well I could sit here & complain about all the other reasons I wish I could stay home, but instead I will just look forward to Sunday!

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Barrow Family said...

You are an awesome mom! I am happy you get to enjoy your day!