Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bye to our Sadie

We had to say goodbye to our sweet Sadie (or "Hadie" as Garrett would say) last week. She was the sweetest dog. She had to be put down because she was in so much pain...the vet recommended it. She had all kinds of health problems & hadn't been herself for years. She was my 17th birthday present & my parents agreed to take her when I went away to college, so she has been with them. Bye bye sweet will be missed! We all loved you!
Last week was a hard week. First we lost the fish (we got another one!), then Sadie, then Mr. Luker passed away. Mr. Luker was such a great person.They are SO strong & awesome, but please keep his family in your prayers as they get through a tough time. Love you guys!

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Cindy Luker said...

Kelly -
Thanks for the sweet words! We love you guys, and kiss that sweet boy for me. Hope to see all of you very soon.
Love, Cindy