Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mail Man!

On my wet day off of work, we cashed in all of our change from our change jar & went shopping! I forgot what it's like to shop! I bought Garrett some building blocks - I thought since his dad is an architect, they'd have fun building stuff!
Garrett loves checking the mail with me (exciting life we have, I know)...so I bought him his own mailbox! He got his first letter & was SO excited. He will definitely check his mailbox everyday so if you ever feel like sending (or hand delivering!) him a letter, his little mailbox will be ready for you!
Garrett had way too much fun in this $380 Escalade at Toys R' US. Yes, that's right...I said $380! Good thing he had fun jamming out to the FM/AM radio on the base tube in the store b/c he is NEVER GETTING ONE OF THESE! I don't think my car is even worth $380 anymore!

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