Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nothing exciting here!

We have been holed up in this house from being sick for what feels like an eternity - turns out this same thing has wiped out like everybody we know....that dang bug was hardcore! Officially all better & everyone is back to work. Except poor Nana - she just go it yesterday. Here are some recent (but boring) pics.

We carved a pumpkin like Elmo (it was weak but Garrett will never know we are crappy pumpkin cutters!).

SIDENOTE**Garrett got his first real piece of mail (in his new little fake mailbox)! A card from Aunt Cindy! That was exciting!
For Halloween Garrett is going to be a .......(drum roll please)......DOG! Not only because he LOVES dogs, but because it was $4.50 at the local resale shop. He hates it b/c it's heavy so he won't wear it. I am going to make him a shirt that says "I was supposed to be a dog for Halloween but I won't wear my costume" and call it done. Not worth the fight to get him to wear it! Maybe we can score at least one picture in it though...

We let G pick out a pumpkin. He picked the warty, trumpet looking one that he is eating in the picture. Awesome! Even the weird ones need homes!
Feeding the ducks with our boys B&B

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