Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our little lovie.... a mess! He saw the TX Children's GI Specialist again yesterday. He says the gagging & constant vomitting is definitely caused from an underlying issue that we need to get to the bottom of. He is being tested for MANY things such as hydronephrosis (sp?) - caused by a kidney problem, various metabolic disorders, stomach blockages, acidosis (this one was confusing), the list goes on. He had a urinalysis yesterday plus blood work. On July 31st he'll have abdominal scans/ MRI/ ultrasounds to check for the other things. Between the vomitting & his dang teeth...he's a mess! I sure hope he pops out with about 13 teeth overnight so we have something to explain all of this crankiness - it's not like our man! It seems like he's been having abdominal pain & I pray the doctors find an answer soon. The good news is that all of the potential problems he's being tested for will be fixable, but some require surgery...regardless, it is scary when it's your little baby going through all of it.

Thank you, cuz for going to my Little Gym class with me - you're fun!
Thanks for the playdate, Sam! Sorry I had a bad attitude & didn't bring my A-game.
You're fun, Uncle Dave!

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Stacey said...

I pray they find an answer for you. I know it has been very frustrating knowing something is wrong and not getting any answers. I'll pray for a quick diagnosis and a quick fix. Love and miss you guys!!!