Saturday, July 18, 2009

Future Soccer Star?

Press play! We went to go watch a SoccerTots class this morning. A friend of mine owns the Houston franchise & it is such a cool, developmental soccer program! We had fun watching. It's for 18month olds to 6 years old & they're about to move out our way! Garrett had fun cruising along the sideline kicking the ball around. We were able to get a couple quick videos of him. He is definitely able to pick his sport of choice when he gets older, but we'd be delighted if it just so happen to be soccer that he chooses! :)

Garrett & I had a fun afternoon yesterday with Aunt Mari & buddy Sam. The First United Methodist Church has a really fun pool with a Noah's Ark for the kids to play in. At this age, the boys are so much fun & so hard to keep track of!

Our little fish at swim lessons...

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