Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hey peeps, Garrett here. (Ok, I am officially a loser!) Today I had a good walking day! I took 6 to 8 steps many times & even did a backwards spin move pushing off the cabinets! I think I surprised myself with that one. Who knows what tomorrow will bring...I'm a little inconsistent with the walking - some days I'm just not feeling it & some days I'm in the mood to move it.

Downward facing dog!
Here's some stuff I've been up to lately.

Happy 4th! I played with cousins & went to Monkey Bizness.
Not sure if I like this Mom!
Dad...in this picture you look like a real....okay I'm not going to say it. Love you!
Just scaling the wall with my Dad...no big whoop.

"Kiss Garrett!"

It's really sunny. Where did my mom's eyes go?

Thanks for the pool Gabriel! Duke took a big bite out of our first one & destroyed our beach ball within .2 seconds. Wooomp wooomp.
Library for storytime fun.

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