Sunday, July 26, 2009


We've been busy around here! Garrett is walking all over the place. We've realized that he gets bored very easily so I am constantly packing our days full so I can keep him entertained. Tomorrow he starts back at daycare because I have work all day trainings this week. I'm sad & I will probably cry when I leave the babysitter's house!

Garrett has seen me cleaning alot lately so he decided to help. I thought I was being creative by taking out the middle pieces of the mop to make it baby-sized but he wasn't too happy with me!

Thank you, Aunt Laura & Nick! Garrett got his first birthday present ever. It was early because Nick & Laura are leaving to go to Oxford to get MARRIED! He was spoiled by Nick & Laura as usual. We have a video to show you in his new "Squeak Me Shoes." They are hilarious! He's sort of high-steppin when he wears them. Garrett's smile gets bigger & bigger with each step! Thank you so much!

Press play to see the squeaky video!

The fam...

Boppa came in town from Dallas for a wedding & we got to see him & his wife :)

I think we have a South Paw on our hands - Garrett does everything left handed!

After his 4th haircut...had to get all prettied up for his 1 year pictures this weekend.

Garrett was a mess at Luby's. The manager kept bringing him balloons & food. He loves jello!

Playing with cousins at their house...

Snuggling with friends...

Before you go thinking that this cage looks like child abuse, you must know, the kids had a blast! My friend, Sara, invited us to her junior high to play in the gym. The kids had so much fun with the PE balls & cruising around in the ball cage!

We've been spending lots of time at libraries, mall playgrounds, anything free & entertaining!
Garrett woke up about a week ago with atleast 5 extra teeth & now he has 8!


Jenni said...

He can come use my swiffer any time he wants!! Miss y'all!!

Barrow Family said...

so cute! the ball cage was really funny. My kids love jello at luby's too! I need some squeaky shoes for my kids, so I can keep track of them when they are hiding from me.

Tim & Kate Horton said...

Hey Garvey Family!

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