Saturday, May 9, 2009

The week of the surgeries

Thank goodness Garrett's surgery is routine & quick, because now we have my Mom to worry about!
She has been in & out of the doctor's office several times each week since leaving the hospital. She looks so good, so you'd think she is completely past all of this, but she's not. She finally had an ENT who has helped & referred her to a specialist downtown who specializes in neurosurgery. She isn't getting a mastoidectomy like the ENT thought. This is all VERY complicated so I will try to simplify it down. After getting a better picture from a more comprehensive MRI/ CatScan they have figured out that she has a brain leak. The ear infections went so long undetected (think at least 6 doctors & 5 years of trying to get help) so all that festering, caused the wall between her brain & ear to basically corrode. The fluid leaking out is brain fluid - the tubes have allowed it a perfect place to run out. This surgery usually has some hearing loss involved, so it is a two parter - they don't do both ears at once. She will have the worst one operated on Wednesday & the other one in 3 months. The doctor has to operate immediately because she could get meningitis at any time again until she gets it fixed. They are hoping to be able to temporarily patch up the left ear until she is able to get that one worked on. I think we are all so worried & ready to get past this for her sake. She has been through so much & has such a good attitude! We love you Mom! I know I have been asking this a lot lately, but I'm sure prayers will help - her surgery is on Wednesday!

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