Thursday, May 7, 2009

9 months old!

I like this birthday because I don't have to get shots. My dad took me to the doctor today. I am almost 21 pounds (50% percentile for weight) and I am 31.5" tall (100% for height, really off the chart). Here are some things I have been up to: walking holding on to the furniture (wall or anything I can grab on to), trying to feed myself, eating a little better, & napping! My new sitter has me on a schedule for the first time in my life & I sleep from 9-10 & 1-3 everyday. Yeah! Here are some pictures of me. I get my tubes on Monday, wish me luck!


Shana, Cory and Colton said...

He is as tall as Colton at 12 months. Yeah Garrett!!

The Smith's said...

Good Luck on Monday Garrett! We will be praying for you!