Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mom Day!

Nothing exciting here! Just posting some pics of our weekend. It was...well, um, actually a pretty nice little Sunday (and I promise it didn't include any trips to Bed Bath & Beyond or Home Depot.
Playing with my cousins at big 4 year old Ben's birthday parties!
Here's Sam - Ben & Braden's dog. He loves to snuggle!
At church, I fell asleep in Pa's arms. I wasn't feeling it today.
Lunch at BabaYega in Montrose - so good!
I was a swimming fool today!
Eating....again. And my mom wonders why she can't lose weight!
Mmmm...yummy camera case! P.S. I can walk all by myself holding on to my walker now!
So...this post was a little boring, eh?

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