Monday, May 11, 2009

Tube Day!

We're home. This morning has been quick! Up at 4, in the car by 5, called back to do paperwork at 6, surgery at 7:30, home by 9:30! Garrett is very sleepy & looking out of it, but seems to be doing great! I'm sure he will be feeling better in no time. I hope he'll feel like a new man now & will quit getting sick every week :)

TX Children's is fun!

I sent Garrett back to surgery with his dog lovie. It was sort of a test. When I had tubes around the same age, the doctor put a band-aid on my lovie's ear & said that it had surgery, too! I thought that was cute & wanted to see if his lovie would end up with a band-aid. He didn't, but I guess we can still like our doctor!

I got some cool new PJs that I get to keep! Thanks for coming by to see me today, Aunt Stacy!
So sleepy!


The Ziebarths said...

I'm so happy to hear that Garrett did well. I know how stressful and scary it is to send your child to have surgery and we thank God that G's surgery was quick and easy! I hope now that he recovers fast and stays healthy!!

Aaron & Mari Fredrickson said...

Yea Garrett! I'm glad everything went well. Sam hopes his bff feels better soon!
PS-Sam decided to get an ear infection today to show support of his friend...

The Smith's said...

So glad all went well! Here's to a healthy Garrett!

Amy said...

I'm so glad his day went well! I'm sure those tubes will really help the little guy. What a trooper he was (and you too Kelly!) XOOX