Friday, April 10, 2009

Omma, Dada, Dog, Hi, Sick, Waving & More

Chillin' with my boys....

Our little bunny didn't like his hat very much.
Boy have we been busy is the latest...
Garrett calls me "omma" now instead of "momma," which is fine with me! He has been saying "dada" ALOT! He definitely has no preference over Mom or Dad & likes us both - score! Twice I have heard him say "Hi" lately. One time was more obvious than the other & he turned around & said it straight to Nana. I heard "dog" during his Elmo pet movie & he also said it to Koby this morning. Today Ben got lots of waves from Garrett! Everytime he saw him, he started waving. Random! These are probably all one to two time occurrences & I can be sure that they won't happen all the time.

Aunt Janet & Uncle Doug are in town!
Love you Great Aunt Janet & Uncle Doug!
One of my students put this hat on my desk with a handmade card that said she had made this "beret" for Garrett. One of my old students came to my room later in the day & said she crocheted a scarf for him. How sweet of them! Garrett - you are popular!
Here is the fire truck & slide my mommy bought for me with her birthday money. Fun!
Garrett made a visit to the pediatrician AGAIN today. He is back to being sick. He's been throwing up worse than usual - like 6 times a day at least for many days. Lots of people get spit-up confused with throw-up. This is so much throw-up that I don't think I've ever seen a grow-up yack as much - it is unbelievable how much throw-up we're talking about. When will this end for the poor guy? We are so frustrated for him. The dr hopes this cold doesn't turn into an ear infection like it did last time or we may have to consider tubes. Garrett - you've gotta get better for your big day on Sunday! (baptism)

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