Friday, April 17, 2009

hate to be a debbie downer i go! garrett went back to what feels like our second home - to see dr. spinner. g gets so peppy when we go there - starts ripping into the tissue paper that covers the table & attacks the doctor's file as soon as he sets it down. wish he didn't enjoy visiting there so much! anyway...this little guy has yet another ear infection & sinus infection. the doctor told john it is "bulging." it pretty much blows as a mom to not be able to be there for your kid when they're sick. probably the worst feeling ever to me. john doesn't even want to be home with him on fridays - he said he'd rather be at work! ugh, makes me sick! anyway, i keep getting off track! garrett is losing weight because of all the vomitting & that is a concern to his doctor. today he had 2 shots & saturday we take him back for 2 more. monday he goes back to make sure he's all cleared up. he is on the strongest antibiotic shot out there. our pedi has recommended another trip to an ent (a different one this time) with hopes that they'll agree to do tubes. he hasn't quite had 6 infections in 6 months (which is the typical standard for getting tubes) but the ones he has had have lingered on for a month or longer each. we'll see what the specialist says. this week has been rough - he has been difficult...waking up like 8 times a night, screaming all evening BUT i have to say, knowing now that he was so sick & uncomfortable, i think he has definitely handled it well. (we just took him to the doctor last friday so only a week has gone by since). he threw up at least 10 times yesterday and smiled right through it. he has most definitely been sick most of his life. when he gets better, its for like 3 days at a time & then he's back to being sick again. sorry garrett, i feel bad for ya! you're definitely a trooper.

i know garrett is sick of being sick & so are we

p.s. sorry that you take after me & inherited my crappy genes little buddy - nana & pa said i was a real handful & i had tubes at 9 months old too! too bad you didn't take after your daddy more!
just chillin with pa/ hanging out with grace after stroller fit on monday (random school holidays are the best)
firefighter garrett/ photo opp with mom

if garrett could talk (in this video), he would say "gross, mom, stop kissing me!"


Cindy Luker said...

Kelly -
I'm soooo sorry to hear that sweet little Garrett is sick again! I know how hard it is on you ... welcome to Motherhood! A mom's heart breaks with her child's every illness, stumbling block, failed attempts, hurt feelings, etc. And I hate to tell you, but it doesn't get any easier ... even when your kids are 27 years old! You, John and Garrett will make it through the tough times; you have what it takes ... faith and an incredible amount of love! Hang in there, Kelly, and I will say an extra prayer for all of you tonight! God bless!!

Barrow Family said...

BUMMER!!!!!!!! When they are sick it is the WORST!!! I agree, there is nothing worse than not being able to be home with them when they are sick. You feel so helpless, it stinks big time. I have the best ENT! I really Love her so much. I have sent a few of my friends to her and they all loved her too! She will hook a dude up with some tubes for sure! She has done 2 sets on Corbs and 1 on Claire! I am telling you there is not much worse than an ear infection night. They are just about the worst. The screaming is so intense! Once he has tubes you will be Lovin it! Call me and we can chat about all this momma stuff!

Kathy said...

Hi k love,
I am so sorry you John and especially lil g have to go through this....
I really enjoy the video of him crawling! He is so totally adorable!!! I check your blog everyday ( i may be a lil freaky!) to see that little cutie pie!
The garveys are always in my prayers!