Monday, April 20, 2009


Here are some old pictures I haven't gotten around to posting.

Go Dynamo! First win of the season so far!

I can sleep anywhere! Here I am sleeping at the church breakfast.

Yeah for fun visitors! G finally got to meet my girls Ang, Brooke & Nickel. Miss you already!

Gotta love Saturday mornings at the doctor's office.
Update: Today his ear looked no better to his doctor. Garrett is going in on Wednesday to schedule his appt with the specialist for tubes. After 4 rounds of 3 back-to-back shots each round, the pedi is saying that tubes are the only thing that will help at this point. He has now built up a resistance to oral antibiotics & shots bc he has been on them so much. Come on, tubes - let's get this over with!

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Amy said...

Oh Kelly! That sucks about poor Garrett. When is he getting tubes? I think Grace may be getting an ear infection because she is always pulling at one ear...sigh. It may just be teething though. Any advice? I was going to say we should go for supper the weekend, but I guess not since you have a sick baby. You have had your share of hospitals and doctors! Well, we're thinking of you. The countdown is on for summer Kelly! give big hugs to Mr. G! XO