Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nana + Garrett = Matching Jacked-Up Ears (Also...Happy Birthday, Aunt LIndsay!)'s the update on both of them.
Update #1: Garrett's ENT agreed with his pediatrician & tubes are set for May 11th - both ears. Hopefully this will solve all our problems (Ha wishful thinking!). We have way too many problems; like Garrett won't eat & just screams through feedings, stays up all night now SCREAMING all night(....did I mention all night?) and he still throws up like a champ. He has recently gotten a little attitude. You never think your baby will be, not yours....maybe someone else's but not yours! Well...he has resorted to pitching fits & yelling at us at any opportunity. The kid is not spoiled...he's been in daycare since 2 months old. I don't get it. I have no clue what to do! Anyway who cares cuz like I said - the tubes are going to solve all of our problems!

Update #2: My mom's ENT went out of town so she saw another guy at the same practice. Thank God. He was shocked that all of the ENTs she has gone to over the years have not ordered a catscan to check her mastoid bone to find in looking for the origination of the infection that caused the meningitis. So he did. Turns out she has 2 masses in her mastoid bone that are the cause of the infection & the cause of the fluid that leaks out of her ear onto her face. She has had the infection for years the doc said...hence she has had jacked up ears for years. Good news - her ears have hope! Bad news - she has to have surgery to get rid of her infection. It is a little tricky because the mastoid bone is deep inside behind the ear near the brain, so her ENT told her that a special neurological surgeon has to do it. She will go see the surgeon on Tuesday.
The other day Garrett climbed all the way up Nana's stairs with no problem. I thought that was pretty cool, but was later corrected by a friend. Turns out all kids who know how to crawl can go up's an inherent ability they have. She said it was even on the news. Doh - who's the stupid one now? It's me.
Speaking of the yelling...Garrett is screaming at us from his room for about the 10th time in 2 hours. Gotta run! So tired.
P.S. I'm not a big fan of crying it out & I don't do it, but if anyone has any success stories...please share. I'm getting desperate! We need sleep!


The Ziebarths said...

I didn't know that all kids who can crawl can climb stairs. Guess I'm an idiot too. LOL

The Smith's said...

Yea for the tubes! Maybe they will help Garrett sleep better.

Morgan had surgery on his mastoid bone when he was in high school. I am sure your momma will get through it like a champ!

I didn't know about crawlers could climb stairs either!?!

We'll be praying for Garrett and your mom's upcoming surgeries.

Hang in there! It's almost summer!

Barrow Family said...

My kids do the same screaming thing. I too cannot let them cry it out. I have never been able to even get past the first 30 seconds. I guess that is why they still sleep in our bed :). You will be SO happy that little man got tubies in his ears. It has made all the difference for my babies. I am glad to hear that the doctors are going to be able to fix your mom all up! I will be praying for her to get well soon!

Stacey said...

Poor Garrett and Mommy! I don't think there is much you can do about the screaming until you know he is not feeling bad. Does he sleep better sitting up? You might can prop his crib mattress up a little on one end so he sleeps at a slight angle. This might keep him from feeling pressure in his ears. I never tried it, but I read about it. When you know he is healthy then you can work on the crying it out.

PittieBoo said...

I found CIO for kid's with medical issues (G's puking, B's food allergies) just isn't going to fix anything. Once you get his ears fixed I bet he will be a new man. Then you can work on the habit on waking often with some Ferber. Basically, he cries and you soothe him. Next time, you wait 5 minutes and then go in and soothe him, basically building up the time you wait to go into the room (5,10,15 minutes). It will help him learn to self soothe but it's not going to be possible until he feels better. If it makes you feel better, B didn't sleep through the night until 14 1/2 months.