Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday Update

My mom is having a tough day. She is very nauseaus & light headed from all the medicine. She hasn't slept since yesterday morning & has been throwing up all day today. She was unable to sleep all night b/c of all the hospital people coming in & out plus she is very uncomfortable. She is just plain exhausted. This morning the doctors suggested no visitors (aside from immediate family) so that she feels comfortable enough to get some rest. They don't want anything slowing her down. Hopefully she'll be back to her perky self tomorrow.

She had a BUSY day. She had a million tests, scans, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, a pick line put in, poking, prodding...poor mama. I think she will be beyond thrilled to hear the words "You are going home." She wants to see her grandkids so bad.

Tomorrow she has to get another MRI done (the first one wasn't readable). They also need her to gain enough strength to walk from the bed to the bathroom in order to be able to move to a regular room. Tonight the doctor visited. He is very out-spoken. He told her that she was on "death's doorstep" and had "a puss-filled brain." That probably wasn't the most PC thing to say to someone stuck in ICU. His point was how miraculous her recovery is so far & how pleased he is.

To answer this question I have received from many: we have no clue as of right now when she will be going home or when she'll leave ICU. We can't wait to find out!

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Amy said...

Kelly, we are thinking and praying for your mommy so much. It's great to hear that she is taking a turn for the better! Give her a hug for us and tell her that we hope she comes home soon! XOXOXO