Friday, March 20, 2009

Moving on up to Floor 4...

My mom is in a new room! She has made progress each day, so they switched her to an Intermediate Room (one step below ICU). She heard her doctor say that she can't go home until she walks to the bathroom, so she showed him up by doing it not once but 3 times today! First with a walker, next with help, and the last time was pretty much by herself. She is still very tired & weak. Eating doesn't sound very appealing & she spent lots of the day throwing up again...but still she is making progress each day thanks to her great attitude. She still needs to get some rest but it's hard b/c of the medicines, feeling queasy & all of the interruptions. The steroids have caused lots of the issues: the nausea & a very low heart rate. The doctor is closely monitoring that & hoping the physical activity will get her heart rate up again. She got to get off of the Prednisone steroid this morning, so hopefully it'll leave her system soon & she can feel more comfortable.

Thank you Aunt Laura & Jeanette for watching Garrett yesterday so that I could be with my Mom. Garrett had a fun time with you guys! Yall are the best - for real. I can't thank you enough! Aunt Ashley - thank you, too, for being willing to help! It's not your fault that your car wouldn't start. Love you guys!

Here is Garrett's little waiting room pallet we set up. He has been such a good boy at the hospital.

Nana - Garrett went back to the doctor for a shot to knock out this ear infection & sinus infection for good. The Amoxycillin didn't work b/c he is resistant to it. The doctor said he isn't contagious & will be ready for lots of loving & snuggling when you get out of there!

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