Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Update

Today has been a great day. This morning the infectious disease doctor came in & said the infection is definitely gone. The respiratory doctor told us that she is showing signs of breathing on her own & that they'd do some more tests to see when she could get off the breathing tube. I guess it was about 10:30 or so this morning when they took it out. She immediately got her sassy, cute personality. She was playing tricks on us, like...the nurse asked who I am to see if she was "with it" and she said her "niece." There was a pause & a laugh followed by "Gotcha, I was joking, that's my Kelly." She has been asking a lot about her grandkids & really wants to see them. From what it sounds like, Ben is REALLY missing his Nana.

She has said about 4,312 times that she wants to go home! We all keep trying to remind her that even though she is much better, she needs a couple days to get strong enough to go home. Tonight she seemed tired. She's been a little entertainer all day & never had a nap, so I guess she should be tired. Her short term memory will take a while to develop as her brain heals, but from what I hear, that is completely normal in meningitis cases.

*Thanks to all of the family & friends out there praying for her. She has had an overwhelming amount of support & I just know that is what has caused such a big change in her today. You guys are awesome! It will mean so much to her to know that so many people were there for her even when she didn't know it (we'll make sure to tell her). THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

Another thanks to Jeanette & Kayla for watching Garrett at the hospital this morning so that we could all get time with my mom. That meant so much to me to be able to be a part of all that happened this morning. That was so unselfish of you to give up part of your Spring Break for us. Steven & Stephanie - yall are AWESOME! Thanks for coming over to watch him tonight so that we could go back to the hospital. We are soooo lucky to have you!!! XOXOXO


Aaron & Mari Fredrickson said...

yay kelly we're so excited! my mom and i want to bring dinner over to your mom when she gets home! we can also watch garrett if you need us to! him and sam need to get some bff time in!

Jan said...

wonderful news about your mom, kelly! soooo happy!

Nancy said...

Yeah !! I am so excited for such great news !! Oh Kelly, you must be so relieved! Thank goodness. Tell your family we said hi !

Denise said...

That is truly wonderful news. I am so happy for your family!