Monday, September 20, 2010

Pee Update

Okay, so potty training isn't easy, eh? I had a false impression of what it would be like over the weekend! As I expected, I got a text from John this morning while I was at work saying he basically peed all over the whole house way too many times to count & that he was going to put him in a pulll-up for school (he had peed in every pair of undies he has). He peed in his Pull-Up at school once & in the toilet once. I've only been home an hour & he's already peed in the house. Suggestions? He used to have such enthusiasm & now he keeps asking for a diaper - ripping them out of the drawer & trying to put them on himself! This isn't even something I wanted to do, only did it because he was so gung-ho! Now I want to quit, should I or is that a cop out?!


Jenni said...

Hey friend! Sorry for the set backs...I have NO experience in this department, but here are my thoughts: One, I have heard set back are common, so don't be discouraged. Two, he still may be young for this? The few little boys I have known to go through potty training were closer to three, but he did show an interest, so who knows?! Finally, I saw a friend post this site on facebook: Maybe check it out? GOOD LUCK and love you!

PittieBoo said...

You have to let them lead so if he wants diapers, go back to the diapers. Most boys are not ready for full blown potty training until around 3 so don't get discouraged. No point in rushing, he will get there one day I promise! Maybe start rewarding poops in the potty (that's the hardest skill to master)that way you might not be changing as many poopy diapers. Becks stopped pooping in his diaper long before he mastered peeing in the potty only. He was fully potty trained 3 weeks before his 3rd birthday for point of reference and he was the youngest boy of the kids I know his age to be fully potty trained.