Saturday, September 18, 2010

All Aboard the Potty Train!

There he is reading his new potty book. We left with it on the hood of our car & saw it fly away in the distance as we were almost on

Sorry that this potty picture is a little TMI....and a little weird...and a little creepy, but homeboy wanted to use his potty while we were taking pictures, so I took advantage of it!

We went to Babies R' Us to buy a gift & I decided to use a gift card I have been meaning to use for a long time. I decided to buy something practical that we'd need to buy in the future anyway so I got a training potty. We had no intentions of using it right away...I just wanted to get rid of the gift card! Well, Garrett was very interested in it & right away we could tell he wanted to use it so we let him. He was sooo excited & proud. We gave him an M&M. He LOVED that. So he went again & again & again. As soon as I saw that he was balls to the wall about this, I ran out to buy some underwear & Pull-Ups! To make a long story short, almost 48 hours later, he has had only one accident, is wearing big boy undies at home & Pull-Ups when we go out & at night. So unexpected! I can't believe how well it's going! He has stayed dry in his Pull-Up, even at night. I don't even know how those things work. Does the pee run right out of them like a swim diaper? Anway, he freaking loves M&Ms & I think he'd clean the house for them in exchange for a handful! This will be interesting to see if our good luck keeps up. I think it may get hairy when I leave for work on Monday. What do I do, send him to school in a Pull-Up with extra clothes? I am new at this & have no training!

He puts his Buzz, Woody & Rex out to watch him pee. I saw him put Rex on the potty & wipe his butt after. Whatever works I guess!

He is sooooo excited & proud of himself. Every time he pees he jumps up & down, claps, says Hip Hip Hooray & asks for his M&M :)


Cindy Luker said...

WOW ... soo proud of Garrett! Don't be disappointed with a few set-backs early on. It sounds like he is well on his way and will be done with diapers very soon. Time for baby #2 now :)

The Smith's said...

Cute, cute, cute pics! I wish I could take pictures like you! Great job on the potty business! I would send him to school in underwear...and several extras for the day. You don't want him to realize what he can do in those pull-ups! And, they do hold stuff like diapers, just put on differently and more $$$.

Barrow Family said...

wow! That is sooo awesome! Way to go G!

StrollerFit Cypress said...

wow that's amazing! Garrett needs to start teaching his buddy what to do. Hopefully by next year we'll be where he's at!