Monday, August 30, 2010


We are back from Dallas! We had fun! It was busy as usual. We had fun seeing everyone. I appreciate how everyone always drops what they're doing to get together in a big group while we are in's always so nice to see everyone! Garrett had fun playing with everyone, especially Beckett, his cousin. He keeps saying "Garrett likes Dallas, Memaw, Aunt Jenn, etc"........listing every family member he saw while he was there! He got to do all kinds of fun things like ride on the DART train in downtown Dallas.

Aunt Jenn & Becks

I have like no pictures of me & Garrett together anymore because I am always taking the pictures...I love having a current picture together!



P.S. I am soooo sorry that I owe some of you thank you cards for Garrett's bday presents still. I am coming out of the busiest, most hectic, & somewhat challenging 3 weeks of my life & I promise, I am doing them this week! I feel so bad!
P.P.S. Whoever that anonymous blog comment poster is out there who called me out on spelling Garrett's name wrong (most likely my husband), it is yo face!

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who is Garret?