Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Leap of Faith!

John decided to give his two weeks notice at Chili's, which was a decision made solely to allow him to have more time to devote to his real love, architecture. Working at Chili's did not allow him any time to invest in his side business, to seek work, etc. He has worked at Chili's for almost 8 months now. It is kind of a scary step to make because architecture is still slow, he's still on a reduced work week & salary, BUT he is taking a leap on faith in hopes that he can get himself some work in the field he loves. He'd much rather be doing architecture on the side than waiting tables! He is a pretty conservative guy, so this was a bold move & I am proud of him! If you know anyone who needs an architect, please keep him in mind. He is really awesome at what he does! Right now he is designing our dream home that we will never have, but it is SWEET! He can do anything from small remodels to designing brand new homes. He is a licensed architect & is open to almost any projects right now, small or big. Thanks for looking out! (http://www.garveyarchitecture.com/ )
*Thanks for taking this picture, Dad!


Barrow Family said...

I am happy for him! I bet you will get your dream home! Good things come to those who wait!!!

Kelly said...

Whoop! I checked out his site and I love the Rice Military project! and to think I almost majored in the same thing but instead I have some funky major no one knows about! haha I hope he succeeds in architecture because architecture rocks and I wish I was lucky enough to work in it! (and despite my lack of architecture skills I have designed my dream house about 20 times over... my tastes have changed since I began in junior high and after many architecture history classes!) Good Luck!