Sunday, July 25, 2010

For John: LOVE YOU!

 I know you have heard this before, but sometimes it is nice to hear things in an unconventional, different way! Garrett & I just wanted to say we love you! We like when you relax & play with us & get silly. Hope this makes your day special!


Kristie said...

Hey Kelly, You have to let me know how you did G's art cables to display his art. I have seen some in PBK, but refuse to pay their price for them. I want to put some up in C's playroom.

Btw--great always.

See you soon.

Kelly said...

Thanks, Kristie! I bought a 99 cent thing of yarn & some tacks. Probably not good for the wall but I did it for under $2!

Lerin said...

That last photo is probably my favorite on your blog, ever. Composition is great and what a genuine moment! :)