Thursday, June 24, 2010


Garrett loves Dora (& of course Diego). He requested Dora swim diapers at Target & now everyday he asks for me to put them on him over his regular diaper. He says Dora is his girlfriend. Does it mean your kid watches too much Diego if he busts out counting in Spanish? Promise he did not get that from us.
He loooves his Dukie. Dukie loves him, too. He is very tolerant & they're so sweet to each other. Koby...not so much. We are working hard to teach Garrett his boundaries.

I love these little feet...they are not so little anymore though. Garrett, stop growing up! You are magical to me at this age! I love how silly & innocent you are. I love the way you say your words & the funny things you do....please don't grow up!

Our ghetto backyard doesn't have a lot to offer...a delapidated, flat blow-up pool & plenty of dog poop....but we sure had fun playing in it today (not the poop...the backyard of course ;)!

He really loves his dogs.

"They were still wearing their flippers."

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Lerin said...

What fun photos! Girl, I love your blog too. I'm going to have to add you to my daily reads. :) Ben was obsessed with Dora until he was three... he wouldn't even pay attention to Diego. He was alllll about Dora and Boots. I miss it, even though our guy friends made fun of the whole Dora-love-affair. He is a Batman/Spiderman/Superman fan now!!

Oh, and the shirt (and dresses too) were made by Jessica Jones. She is amazing I can give you her info if you like. She is very nice, one of the best new friends I've made.