Thursday, June 24, 2010

Onnie In the Kitchen

Garrett & I have been hanging out at home a little more than usual relaxing & doing stuff like baking cookies. Usually we stay super busy bit it's nice to stay in sometimes like we have lately!

See the guy over there stealing the cookie dough?
P.S. Garrett's name is officially "Onnie" - he loooves it. The kid knows what he wants & he wants his name to be Onnie. He uses that name all day & corrects me when I say Garrett so I think I am going to start dropping his real name & going with the new one. We think we figured out that someone must have called him honey a lot at some point in his life (wasn't us fo sho) & he thought it was his name. when we ask him to say 'honey' it sounds just like Onnie.

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