Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our Little G

This post will be long & probably boring to most of you! I am writing it because I want to update all of our family on what is going on in Garrett's life! Usually my posts are more about things we did or are posts with mostly just pictures, but I thought I'd actually include info about Garrett at this stage in his life in this one. Since John & I are both working weekends, we hardly see our out of town has been A LONG TIME...we are sorry & we miss you! Hope this helps you feel less out of touch with our little man until we see each other again.

Garrett is an energetic, chatty little guy. He is very curious. He is constantly noticing things, opening drawers, exploring new & dangerous parts of the house & trying to find trouble everywhere else he goes (oh joy!). He is still snuggly & loves kisses but is exhaustingly energetic! He still loves Diego, Elmo & Abby ALOT. He is a little parrot & repeats everything! We have to be careful of what we say! He loves to sing. He sings most of the wheels on the bus (one verse) & he likes the monkeys juming on the bed song. Ben's birthday was a few weeks ago & he still randomly says "Ben" then sings Happy Birthday to You! Garrett has a weird obsession with washing his hands & singing the ABCs. He can get about halfway through the ABC song & then it suddenly sounds like a made up language. If you help him get started (he always skips number one!) he can count to ten. He has recently decided that he no longer wants to nap & that he'd like to wake up in the middle of the night everynight & sleep with Mom & Dad. He is stubborn & determined & will not stop until he gets his way (meaning, until he gets in our bed!). I took Garrett to the park today & he kept calling squirrels monkeys. I loved that! He is very silly & loves to get a laugh from everyone around him. He learned to do "pull my finger" from his Dad & thinks it is pretty funny. Garrett still doesn't eat much...he doesn't sit still long enough! Well he eats everything except food....glue, paint, sunblock, lotion, soap, shaving cream, bubbles, you name it. Garrett is just a regular old kid who has good days & challenging days, but for the most part, he is a very happy kid. He loves to be tickled. Once you start you have to be prepared to keep going or he will scream "Mo teeekle!' at you until you do! He loves story time & will sit for book after book before bed. He loves to play Simon Says. It is hit or miss with him at restaurants. Somtimes it's great, sometimes a train wreck! We should probably give up but we keep trying! He enrolled in his first soccer class this week! (We'll accept any decision he makes, but soccer would be welcomed warmly!) He LOVEs when the whole family is together. He likes people to be with their pair. He just doesn't feel right when he is hanging out with Nini without Ba or Mom without Dad or even Duke without Koby. We took Koby to the vet & the whole time he was asking for Duke....well he actually calls them Book & Coco. Garrett has a sick obsession with his wubby (& blankets for that matter)! The other day he threw up on all of them in his crib...well, he saw me put all of his dirty stuff in the washing machine & it got ugly. He flipped out! I tried to explain but nothing worked. I don't know what we are going to do about that one! It is very cute that he loves his wubby & is so responsible with keeping it in his hand ALL DAY but it kind of wears me out! Garrett is very sweet. He is constantly saying please (meeeeez) and thank you (tank you) to use for everything. He likes to tell us he wants to use the potty, then he "pretends" he is going just so he can throw an entire thing of toilet paper in the toilet afterward (he sits there & "grunts" like a tennis player!) He never actually goes, just pretending. When he is pooping he waves at us & says BYYEEEE as if he wants us to go away so he can have his privacy! There is one song & one song only that he wants right now. He requests the song the entire time we are in the car. It's called the Hoppity Song but he calls it "Mo Happy!" it pretty much stays on repeat. He isn't real into getting his picture taken, typical guy. We are going to need to hire a photographer to get some good pictures b/c maybe he'll respond to someone new! When Garrett does something naughty, he immediately says sawwy! How can you be mad at that?! He is definitely very silly & makes me laugh. He LOVES to be around other kids. He loves babies too right now. Maybe we can arrange a baby sister for him one day! Parenting is adventurous & some days exhausting but overall just plain wonderful when I really think about it!
I can't wait for all the fun activities we can do & bonding time we can have this summer! I could go on & on with more Garrett stories but I think I have already bored you enough!

Anyway, I love this kid more than words can describe. He is a blessing! He is like having a little best friend around all the time. I thank God for him everyday & for the fact that summer is a week away! We can't wait to se eall of our out of town family soon. We make sure we point all of you out to Garrett in pictures as much as possible. He says Nana & Pops, Jenn & Becks when he sees you. We love you & miss you.

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Kristie said...

I love your pictures! Your photography skills are incredible! Keep up the hard work.