Sunday, May 16, 2010

Old Pictures New Pictures

Hi there! Haven't been around in a while! We have been so busy! I have some old pictures & some new pictures to post!
Garrett & his Pa (pronounced Ba by Garrett!) accidentally wore the SAME exact Polo shirt on Mother's Day...they looked so cute! Garrett's was just a tiny bit smaller.
Here are some old ones from our trip to College Station. I didn't show them b/c we took the flower patch pictures for Garrett's Nini & Garrett's Nana to give them for Mother's Day so it was a secret. Here are a couple:

We saw this motorcycle at our favorite place to go for breakfast - LePeep! The owner of the motorcycle said Garret could sit on it. He is a big fan of motorcycles right now. He loves him some kykles (that's how he says it)! Every 5 seconds in the car he says "Mommy mommy mommy mommy KYKLE!"
We went to Galveston at the last minute on Mother's Day. It was a perfect day! John & I both had the day off of work for the first time in forever... we were able to just hang out all day & I LOVED it! Garrett had the time of his life. It was overcast & the water was cold but he had a blast & didn't care one bit. It was Garrett's first trip to Galveston or any beach for that matter. We need to make a point to get him back there soon because it made him so happy. He has talked about "the beach" everday since then! He & I were collecting sea shells & he pointed to them & said "fo my teachoos." So I let him give his teachers the sea shells at school the next day...he was so proud. Speaking of school, I am so sad...tomorrow is G's last day of school! He will be at the sitter for 3 weeks straight...crossing my fingers for no more black eyes!
Garrett eating a mouthful of sand. MMMM that sounds good, I'll have that.
He doesn't look excited for pictures!
WEEEE! (okay I'm a dork!)
Okay, next project: downloading & posting the pictures from Garrett's school party "Splash Day" that I took last Wednesday. Hopefully some of the pictures turned out cute, it was a great party!

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Amy said...

CUTE PICS! You guys looked like you had a BALL! Cant wait to see you soon! OX