Friday, May 21, 2010

God Bless My Husband!

Okay so as many of you know, John has been working an extra job at Chili's for almost 6 months. He is actually going to be working there even more now because his company just cut back even more on workdays & salary again (yippee)...but that's beside the point. I am SO proud of him for being so positive & upbeat even though he goes straight from one job to another many nights & works a job for $2.14 an hour where he gets shat upon by people who have no respect all the time. He is a great man!

So...I am not going to lie, this particular story is sort of funny & it kind of makes me laugh. He comes home all the time with crazy stories about people & complains about all the times he's gotten stiffed completely that night & usually it isn't funny at all, but this time it was...

John said a big group of really rude, really loud people came in who kept him running around with request after request. Some lady had a box out the whole time & was doing something but he probably couldn't tell what because they kept him so busy. When it came time to pay the lady handed him a box of rolled pennies to pay for her bill - ROLLED PENNIES! The bill was almost $40 in PENNIES! Are you freaking kidding me?! The bad part was that she paid down to the penny with no tip. Another person handed him a wad of all kinds of change which equaled $12.25 on a $12.24 bill. NICE. Although that totally sucks, I guess it helps to find humor in it. Fingers crossed that never happens again. Probably wouldn't be as funny the second time!

Look close: the manager took a picture of John with his box of pennies. Thumbs up!