Monday, April 19, 2010

Teddy Bear Picnic @ BCUMC

Sam is reading at a 1st Grade level out!

Aaww...I love this one.

I have been a bad blogger lately! Forgive me! I've been keeping unusually busy with teaching, my new business & Garrett. Here are some pictures from Garrett's school party - the Teddy Bear Picnic - that was today. The class of 8 boys is so cute. I love their teachers! They moved the picnic inside b/c of rain. All the boys were off in their own world doing their own thing most the time. Garrett had fun hiding goldfish all over the room, while Sam *aka the vacuum cleaner* followed behind him cleaning up.

John got to go at the last minute, yay!

Sorry for putting so many class pictures but I just LOVE how their group pictures always look so disheveled & busy. They're crazy!

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