Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our Little Ham

Garrett is a HAM! He has gotten to be quite the handful & I mean that in the lovingest, most positive way! Here are some pictures of him just being the ham that he is. I totally want to borrow someone's kid to take pictures in a field of flowers! Garrett doesn't cooperate in front of the camera anymore (he's probably tired of it!), so I just need to accept that & move on to other people's kids!
Touch down?
Here we are at one the many birthday parties we went to this weekend. What a fun Saturday!


Jenni said...

you can borrow mine at the end of the month!! (c: can't wait to see ya!!!

Barrow Family said...

Love those pictures!

Barrow Family said...

Love those pics!

Amy said...

Grace will be your model;) An excuse for us to hang out too! Although...she does have a poker face...haha