Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dad let me drive!

Just a little morning news, coffee & newspaper in my favorite recliner...typical Saturday morning

Loving the dogs more than ever!
Nothing exciting here! Garrett & I have just been trying to get over being sick. Last week we were home a few days with Swine Flu. Tonight we had a class at the church that we really wanted to attend (it's awesome) & Garrett threw up ALL over the church nursery right when we dropped him off. I mean everywhere. We felt horrible & of course had to leave without making it to our class (We thought he was all better by now, but maybe not????)

After work, I took G to the children's museum yesterday.

We got to play & splash in the rain!
First time to vote - he went Republican all the way
Garrett is still LOVING his school. Everyday they do the cutest things. Today they made a big red barn with animal crackers in it. Before we made it to the car, Garrett had eaten each animal cracker off the page - glue & all! He is now into "mooing" all the time because they're learning about farm animals at school.
Lately Garrett seems to "get it" a lot more & is growing up so much. He now knows a couple body parts & will point to our noses on command everytime, sometimes mouth & ears. He runs to wash his hands in the bathroom about 200 times a day - he climbs up on the stool & tries to do it himself. When you say "how old are you?" he waves one finger in your face. He loves to brush his own teeth & is now using a little bit of baby sign, like "milk" & well....that's probably all. I think the other ones were pure coincidental accidents.
Speaking of how he is growing up - we need to make it to Dallas soon to see all of our fam! Let's talk about it! Thanksgiving? Let's make plans!
This is Garrett's favorite book. He flips through it for about 2 hours everyday. He has now ripped off the poor dog's face, tail, legs...I am saving the pieces for when he's older or he'll just rip them right off again!

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Barrow Family said...

So cute, he is so cute! I cannot believe you guys had the pig flu! I am scared of the pig flu! I am glad to read you guys are doing better!