Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dress UP!

With a post called "Dress up" you'd think we are writing about a daughter, but's our manly little son who just so happens to love wearing high heels, scarves, hats, necklaces...and who now snatches him mother's lipstick from her hands in the mornings & tries to put it on himself! I thought these pictures were cute. And poor Dukie...he looks defeated. He has had his fair share of dressing up lately, too! Garrett put the scarf on his head & the necklaces on him....I admit to topping his outfit of with the beret he is so stylishly wearing!

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Barrow Family said...

This post made my heart happy, Corbin LOVED dress up too. Don't worry soon he will trade in the dress up for the batman/superman costumes.... At least G Hasn't found nail polish yet. Many days we went in public with red finger nails and toes, made Chris really proud!