Sunday, August 16, 2009

We took G to the mall play area today & holy geez was that a mistake. It was a freak show. Plus Garrett got hungry/ thirsty & we couldn't find him any milk. We went to 3 restaurants before we found any. They kept saying they ran out or it was expired...Garrett was not happy! I do have to say I miss the days of formula because it was easy!

With Daddt at the neighborhood pool...

Feeding the ducks in our new wagon! We totally copied Garrett's friend, Grant, with this wagon. That's not usually how we roll, but we loved it & the kid's had so much fun in it so we had to get one too! It'll come in handy for trips to the park, zoo, soccer fields...

Snuggling with Pa...

Ben came over for dinner - He & Garrett have so much fun together!

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