Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Going camping! And more...

Lately we've been going camping...alot! We go camping in the living room. We turn off the lights & read books with flashlights. The wild animals, I mean dogs, try to attack us & it's fun! Thanks for the AWESOME tent/ tunnel combo - Zoras & Lukers!

Bath time is so much fun!

Elmo LIVE!

G read this book for atleast 30 minutes upside down! He didn't stop until I accidentally distracted him by taking a picture.../Little guy....big cup
I love my new tunnel!
Old pictures I thought I had posted already - thanks for making my real birthday special, Sam! I had fun looking at alligators, painting plates & having a chugging contest.

Sad day - I am thankful that my new job will be awesome & my new team is great plus my schedule will be way better than last year....but G had a rough day today! I know the next day will be better, but it really does hurt to see your kid so upset. This morning G hyperventilated, screamed bloody murder & clung on to me when we got to the babysitter's house. He was hysterical. He didn't act like himself all day. I know it will take some time getting used to leaving me again. Hopefully tomorrow is better!


Cindy said...

Soo glad that adorable 1-year old likes his tunnel and tent ... Lindsay picked it out; she knows what Garrett likes! Sorry you are already back to work, but Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are right around the corner!! Hope to catch up with you soon to hear all about your "new" job!

Brad Lane said...

Garrett is precious. I showed Brad and he said what a sweet little boy with those blue eyes! I love our new little boy. Boys are so special. :) love, erin