Friday, July 3, 2009

11 month old in the house!

Fun at the Children's Museum with my buddy, Grant. We had a tea party!
Calling Dad on my cell, yo...
Mom went in for a kiss & I gave her way more than she bargained for!

Playing with the balloons I made for Ben, Braden & Noah at infant craft time. **I had good intentions on bringing Garrett to this craft time geared for 0-24 monthers. It was a major bust. I'll see you in about a year for another attempt library, right now I don't think we can handle crafts! Sorta like the library "bedtime stories"...went to that, but it was a major bomb. He was sitting among 5-7 year olds & they were screaming "eeww he's in diapers!" Two minutes into the story, he started yelling because it was past his bedtime. We made a mad dash for the car....screaming, or shall I say shrieking, in the library=one embarrassed mom

Back to back playdates with my cousins - I love you guys!
Whitney came over to see me - yeah!
Who says the little guy can't push the big guy?

I love that silly guy in the mirror! Now when we say "Kiss Garrett" he goes in for a big wet one at the mirror...

I love Little Gym...I love rolls & doing man stuff, but most of all I like to eat their equipment

So...this 11 month old is a HANDFUL! A handful of fun! He makes us laugh & smile everyday. He is sooooo incredibly silly and is our little mess.... He is still trying real hard at taking steps & eating it a lot along the way....he takes it like a champ though. Here is his newest trick (like he's a dog!) - he looooves his cell phone. When it rings, he curls up his little hand at his ear & screams "re-ro!" In this (very sideways) clip, he is answering his phone saying "dada," because dad's voice is recorded on the phone. He can hear it, but it's hard to hear on the video.

We love you! You make us happy!


Barrow Family said...

so cute. he is always dressed so flipping cute. I am going to have do say... he is so cute. let's make a play date for next week. have a happy 4th!

The Smith's said...

Happy 11 Months, Garrett!

He is so cute! I can't believe how fast he is growing up. We need to get together soon.

Have a good 4th of July!