Monday, June 29, 2009

We'll have a walker in no time!

Garrett has decided he wants to experiment with taking steps! He is very wobbly & sometimes top heavy but he is doing it! He is definitely not a "walker" yet & it will take some time....crawling is his preferred method of getting around for sure...BUT the look on his face is priceless when he takes a few steps. He is so proud! He still gets tired easy & folds his legs up, but he has taken 4 to 8 steps many times in the last few days. Sometimes he sprints because he knows he has to make it wherever he is going fast or he'll eat it! Too bad he wasn't doing this a week ago when we were in Dallas for the family to see....we'll have to upload videos.

Elmo - JUNKIE!
P.S. The food allergy testing results came back normal. The doctor said this is unusual for all of this to still be happening with no explanation - I have an explanation...he is from a family of very unusual people! Being normal is not how we roll!
INDOOR POOL! I "accidentally" bought this pool at Target & it is way too small to swim in, so we now have an indoor pool in our house! I know....we're high rollers. Surprisingly G loves it. He crawls in & out of laughing & plays with his little animals in there.

(Couldn't resist posting this one - OK fine, I will give it a rest with the dang cowboy hat!)
**CHRONIC WAIVER SYNDROME! If that is a real disease, Garrett has got it for sure. He waves at everybody now. Some people don't wave back & it makes him get even louder & more flappy. At church he was like full-body waving at the pastor for like 15 minutes straight then he started screaming HI. At that point, I took him outside very red in the face! Sometimes he processes slow - he'll wave to the cashier & say bye after we leave the store then keep waving in the car! Hhmmm....maybe that means he doesn't really "get it."
Hanging out with fun friends at MonkeyBizness! Gotta love inflatable fun!
At Colton's fun neighborhood pool/ Haircut #3 - the hairdresser gave him a sucker even though I told her not to....he liked it & was sticky from head to toe - yuck!

Press play! This video isn't that good but I'll post anyway. Garrett has started shaking his head at us! I don't know where he got it from b/c we really don't tell him 'no' as much as we should! Cousin Braden has been doing this for months, but G just started about a week ago. He shakes his head no when I ask him questions or when he is done eating. I think it has helped in not throwing tantrums while eating!

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