Monday, May 4, 2009

We're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Garrett's first trip that required staying in a hotel was a memorable one. It had it's ups & downs, but we definitely enjoyed ourselves. The 2 and 1/2 hour trip to San Antonio turned into about 5 hours with diaper changes, feedings, pulling over to clean throw up, when we got there, we were anxious.
The team is full of some of the coolest, funniest people we know so we always have a good time at theCinco DeMayo tournament. It is kind of hard entertaining a 9 month old & socializing at the same time, so I don't think I got to fully appreciate the awesomeness of everyone around me. I think next year, we will pass our little guy off on Nana & Pa for the weekend & we'll fly solo.
One word for these guys...HOTTTTTTTT!
There were so many fun friends to play with like the hotties Hayden & Reagan. Reagan is close to G's age & Hayden is 4 months old. They were so much fun to play with! There was also another boy named Ryan & he's a cutie.
The real fun happened after the first game when the alternator went out. We had to get a tow truck to come out & once again, relied on Z & Richelle to save us from the side of the road. It was especially not awesome to get the call on Monday morning that we might have to be there another day - "There isn't an alternator in all of San Antonio," the guy said. Luckily they got one from Ford & we were able to head back this afternoon.
It was really hot being stranded with no AC & all that hotness landed us in the......
POOL! FOR THE FIRST TIME! Garrett loved it - we were so surprised that he liked it because the water was so cold. Lucky for all of you, I forgot my bathing suit! It could have gotten real ugly if I hadn't!
Garrett was a party animal this trip. He hung with the big kids until at least 11 pm. He was a ticking time bomb, but luckily it didn't get bad until we got home & he wouldn't sleep. What's new?!
More soccer...
It kept getting hotter & hotter, so we decided to stay home for the last game. We had no car, so we were trapped in the hotel for hours. We quickly got bored & had to find things to fill the time, so we.....
...caught some rays...
...went to the hotel gym to work out. Nothing much, just the bike.
...did some laundry.....
What a big helper!
....had a pillow fight....
....and the best part.....Aunt Kinne came to visit us in the hotel! She is very entertaining. Garrett instantly loved her. I don't blame him! Miss you, Kinne!
Way to go Southpaw United! They were 1st place again. When you win the Cinco De Mayo tournament, you have to take a shot of tequila at the award ceremony. Last year one of the guys gagged & threw up.
Today we had time to kill before the car was ready, so we went to the riverwalk & Alamo. I wanted to go to the zoo, but we didn't make it there. The Alamo is so overrated & boring if you ask me! We had fun in San Antonio. Now it's back to work!

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