Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Garrett took a spill at the sand dunes...

....broke his cockix. JK. Tonight he was playing right in front of both of us & fell backward. It didn't seem bad AT ALL so we thought he was just being a drama queen until we saw blood gushing out of his mouth. We think his new little tooth that sprouted up this afternoon busted his lip. Oh well...boys will be boys & this will happen a million times for sure. Still a little sad, though!

Here he is during one of his more GQ moments....work it! Thanks for sharing your picture, Bucky! Lindsay & Lauren - he is doing "pucker up" for you & Hanky, of course.

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Barrow Family said...

yikes!Corbin has had a bloody mouth a few times! It is a boy thing! Makes them strong and grow chest hair!