Sunday, May 31, 2009

All in one week, this little toot...

...called 911. Yes, the police came to our house & all. Said he had a 911 hang up call. I was so embarrassed!
....reformatted our entire keyboard. John let him type on it for a few seconds for fun & somehow he created a shortcut for every key on the board. It no longer typed letters, just shortcutted all over the place & messed up the entire formatting of the computer! It took John a couple hours & some internet reserach to figure out how to fix it. Good as new now.

....hit a few buttons on my cell phone & made it go straight to internet. I didn't notice until 2 hours later when I picked it was playing music. I don't have internet access on my cell phone plan. Can't wait to get that bill!

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PittieBoo said...

LOL- Beckett has G beat, he called 911 when he was 4 months old. They called me right back though and I had to answer questions like "can you talk" and "is there someone in your house trying to harm you" before getting chastised for little man calling by mistake. We took to hiding the phones way up high and still do.