Thursday, February 12, 2009

Meet Henry

I got a visit from our neighbor, Maria, yesterday asking if we could babysit her fish for the long weekend. We must be pretty awesome fish babysitters, because this is our 2nd time to be asked. Now I have never had good luck with fish or birds....or hamsters for that matter (poor Mr. Hanky), so the thought of babysitting her little fish immediately made me a little squeamish. I always overfeed them or do something wrong & they die within a few days (or hours!) Well...Maria came back tonight to drop him off & said, "he has been acting real weird lately, so if he dies it's not a big deal!" SWEET! We're in the clear! I would still feel bad, though, because anyone who decorates their fish bowl with conversation hearts must really love their fish. I forget his I will call him.....Henry. Wish us luck!

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