Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fun (and exciting) weekend!

Started out with a trip to the dog park. Garrett was mesmorized by all the dogs running around!

Fun for 65 cents (with bubbles)!

Looooove bathtime...

PJ party at Aunt Cara & Uncle George's Saturday night. Garrett stayed up extra late b/c he was having so much fun with them. George put together Garrett's new toy for him. Thank you!

Here he is passed out in the car (in his big seat) on the way home. He loves his new seat!

Enjoying the new toy...
Other exciting things that happened:
-Garrett spent the afternoon on Sunday at Aunt Lindsay & Uncle Dave's house b/c we both had a soccer game at the same time....then we all went to Clay's & he got to pet a horse!
-He slept through not 1, but 2 trips to Target this weekend...
-Garrett's new thing is to say "momma." He has been randomly doing it once a day for like 2 weeks, but we never thought anything of it b/c it probably only sounded like he said it & was just a coincidence. Well today he has said it on & off literally ALL DAY. I don't know what to think about this - he says it when he is hungry, angry or has woken up from a nap & wants to be taken out of his crib! It is usually said in a very intense, upset moment! A few times he said it today with a smile over & over. Even though this probably doesn't count as a first word b/c he has no clue what he is saying, it is the nicest thing a mom could hear! I figured there are a bunch of people out there who won't believe me, so we're attempting to get it on video. Lindsay & Dave heard it, too. I have a little video clip from today, but it's pretty unclear as to what he is saying. I'll post it as soon as it downloads.
Less exciting news...
-Garrett has recently started having separation anxiety. When I leave the babysitter's house every morning, he cries, fat lips & stares at me as I walk away. It makes a hard situation even harder - which I never thought possible. I hate it!

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