Friday, February 20, 2009

And.....he's off!

Our little Mr. is officially crawling. He started weeks ago rocking back & forth on all he is really crawling. I had been corrected before that what he was doing was "scooting" around, but now this is full-blown crawling with both arms & legs flailing. Things are about to get interesting! We really need to baby proof our house. He tried sticking his drool covered hand in the outlet today as he was passing by in his walker - not good! He gets really winded after a few trips across the room & back then has to rest for a while. Garrett is doing things a little backwards it seems. He doesn't really give sitting a chance because he doesn't like to bend his legs (weird?!), so he isn't doing a ton of that yet. I always thought sitting came first - I guess they are all different! Anyway, we'll work on getting a video of it. It happens so fast that we always miss it on video.

P.S. I think all of this crawling is tiring Garrett out - the other night he slept 11 hours straight! That was a record. We won't get our hopes up just yet; the next night he was back to being up two times again in the night.

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Shana, Cory and Colton said...

Yeah Garrett!! Yes life is about to get interesting, but oh so much fun!!