Friday, November 14, 2008

Home Sick

More rolling over, with clothes on this time...

Not ready for this toy yet...

At BlackJack's with Laura & Ashley...

Today I am home sick with the flu. I'm posting some pictures from the last week or so b/c I have nothing better to do (cable is out & Garrett is sleeping...oh and I'm a nerd).
A couple nights ago we went over to Scott & Stacy's house. The cousins had fun playing. Garrett kept smacking Braden in the face, so Braden got him back by eating his arm. It was pretty funny.
Hhhmm...which one is the little cousin?
Ben & his fish Corky. He changes the name everytime I ask him, so I make sure to ask a lot. He's getting more creative. He used to say that his fish's name was "Red" or "Blue" or something like that, now he's on to things like "Corky" and "Bear." Next one is Ben & Aunt Stacy - Ben has a cool outfit on that Scott's best friend brought him back from China.

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