Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Picture A Day: 365 Project

So....I have decided to jump on the 365 band wagon. It seems like perfect timing. Yesterday was my last day of teaching. I feel like I am having an identity crisis because sometimes I think you become defined by what you do & I have been a teacher for what feels like a long time! Now I'm not. It is an identity crisis! But it is also freeing & exciting (even though I LOVED teaching) it will allow me more time for what has become my passion. I can do what I enjoy...I can do the thing that challenges my creative side & makes me keep coming back for more & that is PHOTOGRAPHY! I. LOVE. IT. I am inspired right now to learn, create, be better, be different. It is a great time to start a 365 blog because it is kind of "the first day of the rest of my life" hehe - isn't that a song (my new life, so it feels like). I won't always create a frameworthy picture each day because my goal will be to work on creativity with this blog. I hope you follow along with my journey & help keep me motivated to keep up! I will probably jazz this blog up, but for now it is pretty simple. Might even get crazy & have my go to blog girl, Marina Simmons, help me with a design :) Guess you have to come back to see what I do with it! From now on I will try to limit myself to ONE picture per day or atleast ONE series....but really, I need to have motivation to make it just 1 picture because then I will be driven to make that one picture fulfill me enough to end I don't have enough time for more...haha. Okay, here I go! Hope I keep up with this! Go to to check it out. I probably won't be able to keep up with this one anymore (not that I was doing a good job of it anyway!)

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