Sunday, February 27, 2011

Time to clean!

Garrett's playroom has gotten out of control....ridiculously messy & really quite embarrassing. He had become a dumper who would just go dump everything & ransack it all into the middle of the room. There was NO organization & it was a disgusting mess! He'd trip & fall but still refuse to clean was a battle! Today I decided NO MORE! I was so sick of him saying "mommy come play in my playroom with me" & me not being able to move or sit or do anything! We did the Ikea trip, assembly & cleaned everything out all in one day. Done! I was so tired of it! He is going to clean up everynight now & not get away with that business, I can't believe it had gotten so bad! (These pictures really do no justice to how depressing it was in there!)

He made himself comfortable right away by bringing all his blankets & pillows in & having a pretend nap with his animals :) I think he likes it!

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The Ziebarths said...

cute! love the cubies!