Thursday, July 1, 2010


Riding the carousel with Brynna & Connor

We have grown to REALLY love Soccer is almost over. I am so sad & will miss it dearly. We love his instructor, Kim, who we had a Little Gym. Garrett & his friend, Grant, are the crazy kids in class & it doesn't phase her one bit.

Garrett is quite inventive/ embarrassing. To pass the time at restaurants, he likes to put things like paper, tortillas, you name it, on his head or other paraphanelia in his ears.

Crayons? Not in your ears!

Garrett & Sam at swimming They aren't in the same class, but you can imagine how crazy they'd be if they were! Garrett talks about his swim instructor "Wooody" (Rudy) alot, like he is a part of the family. We love him, too!

First week of summer - zoo trip with G & the cousins. Aaawww it felt nice to have sooo much time left in the summer during that first week!

They laid an egg!

My friend, Sara, has the most fun house! She rented a huge slide for the kids.

Here is Garrett screaming for MO SLIDE!

Love you Corby & ClaireB!

This post may be long (unless Garrett takes a 2.2 second nap like usual, then I won't be able to bore you with a million pictures!). I downloaded the good old point & shoot again which happens like once every 6 months, so here it goes:

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