Thursday, July 29, 2010


Garrett took another big step this week! I don't know if I like all this growing up he's doing...I want him to stay little forever! Well...John had a surprise for him that we kept him from seeing until it was done. When we opened his bedroom door, it was like Christmas to see his new big boy bed. He loved it! He is so proud of his bed, he keeps telling everyone he has a "big boy bed." Now I know Garrett is the right age for this, in fact a lot of kids change their crib to a bed way earlier than he did, but it is still a big deal to me because it's another sign that he is getting older! I just can't believe it! Seems like yesterday he was a black-haired little baby. The first night was rough. We had to sleep on his floor. He kept peeking over at me, smiling & saying "hi, momma." Not a lot of sleeping when on that night. The next day, his nap was horrendously short, but he actually slept in his bed all night by himself! Tonight is going well! I'd say he is used to it & likes his new bed a lot!

Maybe a little too much. Houston, we have a problem!

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