Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Garrett is spoiling us! He's gone from a no sleep kind of kid, to an awesome sleeper! He loves his crib. As soon as we put him in there, he waves, blows kisses & says "bye bye"! This is such a big change for us coming from a kid who skipped naps most of his life. Night time is good to...10-12 hours straight & he usually talks himself to sleep after about 30 minutes. YEAH!


Kristie said...

Yay! So glad to hear Garrett is sleeping better. I know how hard it is to be sleep deprived and have a fussy, sleepy kid on your hands. Good for all of you!!! :) Call me, we need to get toether soon.

Shana, Cory and Colton said...

Yeah for Garrett AND you!!! I am soooo glad he is sleeping good for you. He is getting so big and is just adorable!! Miss ya!